Kaala: Million Voices For A Single Song


Super Star Rajinikanth film is always special for audience irrespective of the box office success. It is known that his latest film ‘Kaala’ is getting ready for the release on June 7. The makers recently released a single ‘Yama Greatu’ from the movie and it is getting a good appreciation. They are planning to release the entire album in a week.

Santosh Narayanan is the music director for ‘Kaala’. He is saying that he has done an experiment with for a song in the film. He said that he recorded a million voices for a particular song. Usually, a song will have one or two singers voices. Sometimes the number of singers will be more. If we include the chorus the number may touch fifty at the maximum. One can’t expect more voices for a single song. But Santosh Narayanan said that it was his dream to record a song with a million voices and he his dream got fulfilled with ‘Kaala’.

He said that this song will give a different experience to the music lovers and he is looking forward see the audience reaction to that song. So, we have to wait for the audio release to know more about this special song.