Kat Gets Hot For GOT


Katrina Kaif might be a bit late to enter the social media, but the sexy actress knows the nuances of it. She is aware of how to put her social media presence to good effect.

She has got over 4.6 million followers on Instagram in no time and Kat always keeps them entertained.

Katrina posted a steamy photo on Tuesday evening and wrote a funny caption to it. “Can I be in #gameofthrones pleeeeeasseee…”

Katrina wrote by adding a lot of Game of Thrones hashtags to it. Moody and brooding is my thing she claims and pleads GOT makers to please take her in the show.

This is a pose from her Vogue photo shoot. She can give all of the GOT female cast a run for the money if given a chance.

After Deepika and Priyanka is it Kat’s turn to knock at the Hollywood doors?Kat Gets Hot For GOT