Kiss Posters of Arjun Reddy Removed in Telugu States!


Arjun-ReddyFrom the day Arjun Reddy posters and teasers were released, the film has managed to keep getting the attention and curiosity among the audience. One or the other way the film was in news almost every day. It went till the people threatening the makers for delaying the release.

That kiss, the kissing picture of Vijay and Shalini is one of the sparks of the film’s promotion. First, the sensor board asked the makers to remove the scene from the film to be certified and now the Mahila sanghas have demanded to remove the kissing posters of the film from the public places.

And guess what! the makers removed the posters from the public places in both the Telugu states as the reports say. Mahila Sanghas claim that the posters are imparting the unwanted foreign culture in our people. Well, it’s been very long that the posters were out and taking them off now is probably too late. Anyways, as we said, the film is some or the other way in the news and is getting enough publicity for the release.