I loved Balayya this much for first time ever


Balayya-The-Darling-Of-Hot-GirlsPuri Jagannath left a mark of his own on the ‘Paisa Vasool’ and that’s what we get to see in Stumper released Today. Balakrishna has undergone a complete makeover. A new avatar has been tried by him and it really suited him to perfection. Even body language and dialogue delivery appeared quite difference from any of Balayya’s past movies.

Attitude of Balakrishna is the USP of ‘Paisa Vasool’. Just alike any other Puri’s Film, Characterization of the Protagonist is going to be interesting. Foreign Backdrop chosen for ‘Paisa Vasool’ makes the film look so refreshing.

Upon watching the promo, Ram Gopal Varma and Kalyan Ram have given thumbs up to Balakrishna & his Energy Levels.

RGV: ‘Superrrrr superrrrrr duperrrrr first time ever I loved Balayya this much’.

Kalyan Ram: ‘High voltage avatar of Babai is a treat to watch’.