I am mindblown: Neha Bhasin


Neha-BhasinThere’s something about Neha Bhasin’s collaboration with music composer Devi Sri Prasad (DSP). After Apple beauty in Janatha Garage turned out to be a chartbuster, Swing Zara featuring Tamannaah in Jai Lava Kusa, is now capturing people’s attention. Not only the song, but its 40-second video teaser is also grabbing eyeballs. And Neha, who voiced the peppy number, is on cloud nine. “It’s the best song I have sung in a long time. I was very excited about the track after I heard how it will be picturised. And after seeing a glimpse, I might say I am just mindblown!” comments Neha, adding, “I have shown it to a couple of my friends and acquaintances in Mumbai and they are all quite taken aback by how classily it has been shot. Even otherwise, I am very happy with the way the song has been received.”

Elaborating on the song’s mood and what DSP asked her, Neha reveals, “It’s an energetic number which is very desi with a modern vibe to it. For any song, DSP gives me a brief as to what the video will be like, and what mood he wants me to bring to it. It was the same with this song too.” It’s interesting how despite not knowing the language Neha manages to get her diction right each time. “To be honest, every time I sing a Telugu song, I feel a bit stressed. I have to pay extra attention to each and every word and its pronunciation. More than getting used to singing in Telugu, I have got used to not being afraid to sing in the language,” she says. While many find Tamil harder than Telugu, Neha asserts that it is the other way round for her.