No Takers For Pawan’s Song?


Baba-SehgalAfter singing the superhit number Roop Tera Mastana in Chiranjeevi’s Rikshavodu, famous pop singer Baba Sehgal became a favorite among Mega fans. Baba’s popularity rose multifold after he sang the chartbusters like Gabbar Singh and Jalsa for Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. Baba has a special craze among Pawan’s fans and he also shares nice rapport with Pawan.

Baba has a ritual of releasing a music video on each birthday of his friend Powerstar. The singer and composer released the Power Song a couple of years ago and got some applause from Pawan fans. Thrilled with the response, Baba again released a special music video to commemorate Powerstar’s birthday.

However, looks like Pawan fans are in no mood to encourage the song this time around and the song seems to have no takers with not many fans sharing it enthusiastically like last time. The song is full of graphics and foreign models and looks more like an MTV music video than a tribute song for Pawan. Well, better luck next time Baba.