NRI Team Surprises Telugu Star Abroad


Whenever stars go abroad these days, the NRI groups settled in those countries unfurl a red carpet for them. And they take care of their stay, food and shower the stars with terrific hospitality. sometimes that could be shocking.

There is one particular star hero who is more fond of some Indian brands of liquor, clothing and also food. And recently when this star went to an Island nation, he has carried his liquor bottles like all the time and paid customs duty as well at the airport.

However, when he reached his hotel there, the local NRI team that made arrangements for him surprised him by already bringing a crate of those liquor bottles. They commissioned it from India all the way through their friends and arranged it for their favourite star. Looking at their hospitality, we hear that our hero just got awestruck.

Anyway, generally if one goes abroad, they sip Belgian beer in Belgium, raw wine in Australia, native whisky in Ireland and black rum in South America and the Carribean. But our hero is a typical guy who likes only this South Indian brandy and loves to sip it whether he sits in any corner of the world.