NTR Team’s Late Reaction to Jagan


Jai-Lava-Kusa-JaiThere is saying, ‘Better late than never’, but not always. In this case, the delay in responding to the rumour had made it to circulate widely. We are talking about the rumour that the idea for NTR’s negative role from ‘Jai Lava Kusa’ was stolen from Puri Jagannadh from the story he had narrated to NTR, in the recent past.

Responding on this rumour really very late, NTR’s team rubbished it as baseless. The only common thing about NTR’s character in ‘Jai Lava Kusa’ and Puri’s character is the stutter. Except for this, the character is entirely different from what Puri had narrated.

NTR‘s team also came up with a logic asking if every cop movie will be said to be copied as the protagonist is playing a cop. Stuttering is a trait and any filmmaker can use it as a character’s trait for the roles he/she had sketched. Anyway, it’s high time, NTR’s team realises that it is absolutely necessary to respond to such rumours, immediately.