Questions That Made Taapsee Sad Earlier


When the success gets into the head, then the heroines will behave rudely. For attitude, Taapsee Pannu seems to be a brand ambassador. When a person becomes famous then it is common to ask what are the problems they faced in the initial stages. Some diplomatically answer they worked hard to get this position but won’t talk about it.

For example Sunny Leone says proudly that what she is now is all because of the porn films. But Taapsee is stating the then situations in a very harsh manner. The actress who got taunted and trolled for making some comments on the acclaimed filmmaker Raghavendra Rao is now telling what questions she faced in the past without revealing the names.

“You are neither beautiful nor glamorous”
“ seem to be like a serious actor”
“You are not a good actress”
“Whose heir are you?”
“You don’t have a big market”

Taapsee is feeling sad now for hearing such words in the past. She is claiming that she got this position only after facing all such odds. Producers will be like that. They invest crores into a movie and as the actress is new they will be scared which is common. No one can ever lay the red carpet just by seeing someone. Isn’t it?