Rajamouli comments on Allu Arjun and Anushka


Rajamouli-Allu-Arjun-AnushkRudhramadevi film finally got released and every one are happy with the way this film is doing. Many big heads of industry already mentioned that this film is good to watch in 3D. Recently creative director Rajamouli too commented on this film and its characters. Rajamouli congratulated Gunasekhar on this film success and said that Bunny is not only on-screen hero for this film but also and off screen hero. Bunny is social attraction to this film and his character be irised this film a lot.

Rajamouli mentioned that at one point when every one more is going to divert away from film, bunny appeared in GonaGana Reddy character and brought back life in this film. Rajamouli said that Bunny doing this character is good choice and he helped Gunasekhar a lot by accepting this role. Rajamouli also mentioned that Anushka is the only person in industry who can do justice to Rudhramadevi character and he done well in this role. Rajamouli mentioned that if some more scenes are present between Anushka and Rana it might be more good. Rajamouli also mentioned that Rana screen presence in this film is really good even though he is seen for short time, and Rana will be perfect choice to do any historic character.