Rana’s Scenes Directed By Jr Rajamouli


rajamouli-and-ranaHollywood films do have second-unit directors and second-unit cameraman who work in tandem with the main director and produce brilliant output. Especially when war scenes are being shot, if the director is busy carving out scenes with the lead cast, then second unit guys will film those stock shots and montages on next-important actors and junior artists.

Same thing happened with Rajamouli’s Baahubali as well as his son Karthikeya reveals what he has done. After working in production-department for a while, this young lad has debuted as second unit director through Baahubali. “In Part One, during the interval bang, you can see some shots of feet, people pulling a rope and other expression shots of audiences- I’ve shot all of them myself”, he reveals.

But he’s not limited to just taking those stock shots and montages. “I’ve also directed Rana during war scenes while Baba (he calls dad Rajamouli that way) carried his work on Prabhas, such that we don’t waste time. Sometimes I’ve taken even 20+ takes for least important shots as I’m worried that my work will not match to dad’s work”, shared Karthikeya.

Despite contributing in a good way to Baahubali series, Karthikeya maintains that he wants to become a producer but not a director. Of course, sons of many heroes aways told that they want to do something behind the camera but finally the wore grease paint one day. Let’s see what is in the store of Karthikeya!!