Star Heroine Upset With Dad’s Affair


She happens to be one star heroine who will be forever indebted to Telugu producers and audiences. She will be paid crores no matter if her films are hit or flop, and if her presence is hit or flop. Right she’s suffering from one internal issue.

Actually, her father left all of his business to manage the career of this actress. At the same time, her mother also spends all her with her. And the whole of her family always wants those first class tickets from the pockets of producers for their personal tours.

With no other work to do, the naughty father managed to get close to one particular fashion designer of her star heroine daughter. That led to turmoil in the family and with heroine’s mother asking about it in public, the father now wants to divorce his wife.

We have seen how a heroine’s affair, break up, engagement, and calling off marriage will become news, but now this divorce news of heroines’ parents is literally stunning all. To make sure that the divorce never happens, over heroine is said to be trying a lot, but upset each day with the proceedings.