Unlucky Hat-Trick Of Hot Glamour


Rashi-khanna-nolyFor the third time in a row, her hot glamour has proved futile, in case if we have to consider that as a sentiment.

Cute and chubby Rashi Khanna hasn’t impressed with her acting again, while her lighter expressions in debut Oohalu Gusagusalade had won appreciation from all quarters. Since then, Rashi is trying to prove with her glamour, but the she’s failing to make that signature on Telugu audiences. First it’s Joru, then we have Jil and latest to join the brigade is Shivam. All these three films saw Rashi smoking hot in terms of her look in songs. While she look ultra glamorous in some regions, she failed to develop her acting prowess. Unluckily, all these three films ended up with similar fate at box office, leaving that flop hat-trick in Rashi’s hat.

After completing first weekend, Shivam made 5.5+ crores share from all over the globe, despite chopping the length of movie on second day. Going by the drops from Monday, a total of 10 crores share will be a big number, while total investment to be recovered is 21 crores.