Watch: Balakrishna Facebook Live Chat!


Balakrishna-Facebook-Live-CFor the first time ever, Nandamuri Balakrishna took part in a Facebook live chat on the eve of his birthday. Puri Jagannath planned this interactive session with fans when the unit was still shooting ‘Paisa Vasool’ in Portugal.

Balakrishna: ‘This is the second time I’m not in India for my birthday. Last year, I was in USA for the Graduation Day of My Daughter. This time, I’m shooting in Portugal. I am missing all of you a lot’. ‘Paisa Vasool’ will release on September 29th. Mokshagna’s Launch as Hero will happen soon’.

Puri: ‘Balakrishna has been shooting his 101st Movie like his 1st Film. There are many powerful dialogues in the movie. You will watch few of them in the trailer’.

In reply to a query, The Filmmaker said Balayya-RGV combo flick will materialize soon.

Fans noticed a change in Balayya’s Voice. When asked about it, Puri explained it was because of the change in the climate and getting drenched in the rain.

Throughout the chat session, Balakrishna appeared to be in a jovial mood much to the delight of his fans. The positive vibe in the unit is quite evident and that’s a good sign for any movie.