WhatsApp Eating Baahubali Revenues!!


Baahubali-2-300Gone are days where some enthusiasts use all their internet intelligence to dig out torrents and download piracy print of film running in theatres. Though screws around piracy are getting tightened these days, now the ways through which piracy gets circulated have changed.

For example, you might have already got shocked looking at the pirated clippings of Baahubali 2 appearing on various WhatsApp groups. Earlier there is a requirement of a high-end internet, systems, knowledge of torrents to download a pirated movie. With the high-speed internet becoming a common thing and video sharing getting very simple through messengers like WhatsApp, anyone who gets a pen-drive access to pirated film is sharing it in minutes. In that way, Baahubali 2 clips are appearing in most of the smartphones.

Though people are hellbent to watch Baahubali-2 once or twice on silver screen, they want to catch up with the movie once again through WhatsApp videos. Had they caught the film in theatres for the third time as well, revenues of the film would be more. But surely the advent of technology is eating the collections.

Also, earlier people need laptops or a desktop to watch a film, but now a smartphone is doing all the things. That too with low-end China phones providing a high quality display, storage space and terrific sound, some sections of people are loving to watch pirated films on mobile phones itself.