Will Anushka’s Rudramadevi be as successful as Baahubali?


Rudramadevi-BaahubaliAnushka Shetty’s Rudramadevi is slated for the release on October 9th, 2015. There are huge expectations on this movie since it was made with a lavish budget of Rs 80 Crore and it is said to be the first 3D historical stereoscopic film.

Social media is abuzz with the question ‘Will Anushka’s Rudramadevi be as successful as Baahubali? Netizens started comparing the collections of Rudramadevi with Baahubali and they are also comparing the success in terms of visual effects, hype and so on.

Baahubali was released in four languages and it collected Rs 600 Crore worldwide. It received a huge success and it became one of the best Indian films. Now, Rudramadevi is also releasing in multiple languages and it remains to be seen whether this film be as successful as Baahubali. Traders and makers of this movie are showing their confidence and they are saying that this movie will create new records in the industry.