What A Wrong Time For Heroine’s Interview!


Manisha-RajIn Bollywood, even if the film is made on 5 crores budget, they spend just 15 crores for promotion. That’s how a film will be injected into masses and they will turn up in theatres. But Tollywood goes by hero’s image and all, thereby spoiling opening collections.

Cut to point, with Sunil in the lead, director-producer Shankar would have expected huge openings for ‘2 Countries’. But in reality, the film’s promotion saw Sunil alone and that didn’t work with audiences. At a time when the trailer got applause for the presence of a lovely heroine, shouldn’t they bring her to promotions or not?

On the day of release, 2 Countries got entangled with negative talk and almost the talk got spread in all centres. And now, the makers have brought NRI Telugu girl Manisha Raj to promote the film. A wrong time indeed! If this bubbly beauty is here a week earlier, then the openings would have got better. Well, the girl scored zero marks in acting, that’s a story for another day. But now that the film had negative talk already, her presence only proves that they are forcing the film hard on audiences.

Trade experts are saying that director-producer N Shankar will lose a huge chunk of investment with 2 Countries. Hope the loss will be minimum!