Is This Young Hero Dating A Foreign Girl?


Gossip mongers and tabloids don’t waste time in connecting dots and they try to pull up some controversy or a link-up rumour within few seconds.

All they need is some believable meetings and an opportunity to discuss the whereabouts of a certain celebrity.

This time, the gossip bug has caught on an interesting news. A young hero, who is struggling right now at box office after initial positivity, is been dating one of his co-stars it seems.

The actress is a foreign girl and she did do a film with him previously. The girl initially rejected his proposal to date him but she is now seen close to him it seems.

Recently, she came flying all the way from her home town to wish him birthday on his sets and they spent considerable time together it seems.

Well, the actor was earlier reported to be dating many of his co-stars, but this time he is serious in this relationship it seems.