What happened In Lok Sabha Today?


Even though some media houses have done hungama that something is going to happen.. but the majority of the people are of the opinion that nothing is going to happen today. Their assumption turned out to be true. There were some expectations by some media houses that no-confidence motion proposed by the ruling and opposition parties of Andhra Pradesh will be taken up for a discussion in Lok Sabha. But no such thing happened.

It is known that TDP.. YSR Congress parties have proposed no-confidence motion against the ruling BJP government for not implementing the promises made to AP during bifurcation of the state. The speaker adjourned the house a couple a days ago saying that the house is not in order for taking up discussion on the no-confidence motion. So, everybody was looking forward to the house proceedings on Monday.

TDP, YSR Congress parties have handed over no-confidence motion papers to the Speaker on Monday as well. On the other hand, TRS.. AIADMK parties have started hungama for their achieving their demands. The speaker tried to persuade the members to stay calm and keep order in the house. As she was unable to control them, she has postponed the house proceedings till 12 pm.

As soon as the proceedings resumed again, TRS.. AIADMK leaders have commenced staging their protests again. While they were protesting, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan informed to the house that no-confidence motion proposed by TDP.. YSR Congress members have to be taken up for discussion. But she requested the honourable members to calm before they take up discussion on the no-confidence motion. As the members continued their protests without listening to the speaker’s words, she has postponed the proceedings to Tuesday.

The Opposition party of AP has already announced that it will keep on proposing the no-confidence motion until it is taken for a discussion. So, they are going to propose the no-confidence motion on tomorrow again. The situations may be better if they talk to TRS MPs to co-operate with them before tabling their no-confidence motion.