Has missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 finally been found?


Has missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 been discovered? Wreckage found on French Indian Ocean island of La Reunion could be the plane that vanished without trace last March, experts saymh370

A piece of wreckage washed up on a beach in the Indian Ocean could be part of the doomed Malaysian Airlines jet MH370 which vanished in 2014, it has emerged.

The two-metre-long piece of wreckage, which seemed to be part of a wing, was found by people cleaning up a beach in La Reunion, east of Madagascar.

One witness said: ‘It was covered in shells, so one would say it had been in the water a long time.’

  • The wreckage was found washed up on the island of La Reunion, east of Madagascar earlier today.
  • The two-metre-long object has been secured and will be examined by air crash investigators within hours .
  • Experts will determine whether the wreckage is from MH370 by comparing serial numbers with the missing jet.
  • Witnesses said the object appears to have been in the ocean for some time as it was ‘covered in shells’

French air transport officials have already opened a probe to investigate where the wreckage could have come from.mh370-123

The two-metre-long section was found more than 3,800 miles away from where the missing Boeing 777 was last seen.  It is also more than 3,000 miles from where the main underwater search for wreckage is taking place, off the coast of Australia.

The object was recovered by a group of workers cleaning a beach on La Reunion, who reported the discovery to authorities who alerted air crash investigators.

Xavier Tytelman, an expert in aviation security, said it could not be ruled out that the wreckage belonged to MH370, which vanished without trace in March last year.