Pradeep: wrong on wrong


anchor-pradeep-wrong-stepsHYDERABAD: The 35 year old TV anchor insisted on the new year drunk and drive was booked by Machiraju Pradeep. The police have been campaigning for drinking vehicles and do not ignore them.

Pradeep was found to be 178 points. Pradeep, insisted on 178 points before the court was scheduled to appear, had a chance to get any punishment. It was a big topic for him to go to the house in front of the court.

Pradeep, caught in drunk and drive, was sent home in a different vehicle. Begumpet on this month 2. Traffic centers in Goshamahal will have to attend counseling with mother or wife. However, he did not come to counseling on Tuesday. He went to his residence in Manikonda on Wednesday to provide notices, and the police who went to Kukat Pilli’s office came to the scene.

Pradeep is reported to have been reported to police officials as the phone is also in the switched-off. The law and order department will file a complaint to the police if they do not attend counseling on Thursday. Pradeep’s style is nothing wrong with the opinion that the problem is getting bigger. Do not make another mistake to cover a mistake .. If you have to appear before the court, you have to attend, but it is not good to go in the absence. You can be punished if you are fooled by the wrongdoing of the wrongdoer or else you may be alerted with special reasons. But the contrary is that the lack of access to someone else will bring new implications.