#BB3 Balayya Becomes Angry ‘Akhanda’ For Boyapati!


The massive blockbuster combination of Balakrishna Nandamuri and Boyapati Sreenu is back again. On the eve of Ugadi, the team unveiled the title of the film. It is named ‘Akhanda’ and this powerful title is pleasing the fans. Along with the title, the makers released a dialogue teaser that shows Balayya in the much-hyped Aghora getup.

Boyapati Sreenu knows how to present Balayya in the best possible way and he proves it once again in ‘Akhanda’. While the first teaser showcased the veteran as a mature man white khadi shirt and dhoti, Boyapati showcased him as an aggressive Aghora in this second teaser. The star hero mouthed some powerful dialogues that are sure to please the fans and masses.

The visuals look rich while Thaman’s background score takes the teaser to another level. The Aghora look of Balakrishna looks quite interesting with Trishool in his hand and Rudrakshas all over his neck. With hit films like ‘Simha’ and ‘Legend’, the combo of Balayya-Boyapati has set the standards high for ‘Akhanda’. Let us see if they reach them on 28th May or not.