Kangana Challenges Maharshtra Govt Yet Again


Actress Kangana Ranaut is blasting nepotism and every other issue in Bollywood like hell fire ever since the death of talented actor Sushant Singh Rajput. She said that the Bollywood mafia has murdered a pure talent and it’s a drugs den she retorted.

Now this national award winner has challenged the Maharshtra government saying that you can investigate my call data and if found any contacts of drug dealers will leave Mumbai. It remains to be seen how the Maharashtra government acts now!

It is evident that she alleged Maharshtra Government saying that Mumbai has become like a POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) that restless due to mafia and injustice and poor lifestyle and not equal to all kinds of life.

Soon after she tweeted the harsh reality, the Brihan Mumbai Corporation started harassing Kangana and they have pasted official notices to Kangana’s Pali Hills Building today.

The Home Minister of Maharashtra, Anil Deshmukh said that Mumbai Police would arrest Kangana any time soon and a drug test will be taken on her as per the complaints registered by two Shiv Sena MLAs Home Minister concluded.

The drug test will be done as per the remarks made by Adhyayan Suman who alleged recently that she called him for a party in 2008 where she served cocaine and hash to guests and we had a fight as I said no he said in an Interview after many years when terms ended badly between them.

Few days back, the actress even warned the people of Mumbai and some random guys who threatened her not to step in Mumbai that gave work to her.

She openly tweeted daringly that she is coming to Mumbai on 9th September and if anyone has courage to stop her can come to Mumbai Airport on that day. Lets see how things turn on 9th September. Wonder if she gets arrested as soon as she lands in Maharashtra!