Samantha Becomes The Editor Of Upasana’s Healthcare Website!


Successful businesswoman Upasana Kamineni Konidela has a website named ‘URLife’ which helps people to get educated on following a healthy lifestyle and lead a fit and happy life. She recently announced that star actress Samantha Akkineni will be the guest editor for this website.

The announcement has been made official as they wrote, ‘ is being created keeping in mind specific philosophies such as– sustainable well-being, holistic health and mental & emotional harmony.

Samantha is someone who embodies many of the beliefs that we do. She encourages sustainability through her organic farming initiatives, embraces a vegan lifestyle, and is passionate about health and fitness. We welcome her expertise and look forward to sharing her curated content with our readers, which will focus on the body, the mind, nutrition and healing.’

Sam recently did a stunning photoshoot for the website where she is seen posing while working out and trying to stay fit. The netizens are commending the work of Upasana and her collaboration with Samantha which helps in reaching more people and educating them about leading a healthy and happy life.