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Aishwarya Nag is an Indian film actress and a model, who has appeared in South Indian films, primarily in Kannada cinema. After her modelling, she made her acting debut in the film Neene Neene (2008). She rose to fame by acting in the Kannada film Jolly Days (2009) and Kal Manja (2010).

Aishwarya’s first film to be released was Oliyampukal (1991), followed by Mamagaru (1901), Rasukutty (1992) and Meera (1992). She played a double role in Butterflies (1993) and also in Gardish (1993), which was a remake of the Malayalam movie Kireedam. Early in her career, she notably turned down opportunities to work with Mani Ratnam in Roja (1992) and Thiruda Thiruda (1993).[3]

Following her marriage in 1994, Aishwarya quit the film industry and chose to prioritize bringing up a family. However her marriage fell apart and she became addicted to taking drugs as a result of her husband’s addiction, which made it difficult for her to re-enter the film industry after her divorce in 1996. After undergoing a rehabilitation process, she chose to continue her education in computer science and joined to work with the NIIT in 1997 and prioritised her work as a software engineer.


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