Benefits Of Cashew Nuts


Cashew-NutsRoast it, fry it or eat it as it is, cashew nuts are loved by numerous people across the world for its special taste and health benefits. This special nut is used in a multitude of dishes across the globe. While some like to use it in desserts, some love to add it as a topping or as a thickening mixture. No matter how we all use it, we cannot underestimate the benefits of cashew nuts.

Known for their taste, cashew nuts provide all the needed nutrients to our body. While some believe that these are unhealthy and loaded with fat, the truth is quite the opposite. A rich source of various essential nutrients such as zinc, iron, phosphorous, etc., these nuts top the chart among the different nuts produced in the world.

The origin of Cashew nuts trace back to South America, the native place where it has been grown since many centuries. It was in the later years of the 20th century, when the export of these nuts kickstarted on a global scale. Today, these nuts are the primary imports for many countries and can be found in almost any kitchen shelf. By knowing the true benefits of cashew nuts, you too can manage your health and life in an easy way.

Cancer Prevention

Enriched in proanthocyanidins, a flavonoid responsible for the prevention of cancer, cashew nuts can help fight and prevent abnormal growth of tissues and cells in the body that are responsible for causing tumor.

Fights Diabetes

One of the primary health benefits of cashew nuts is its property to control diabetes. Regular consumption of this nut can help lower the levels of triglyceride that is responsible for increasing the risk factor.

Kills Bacteria

By consuming cashews in a certain amount, you can prevent dental infections. Though not proven, nutrients in cashew nuts can actually help you kill bacteria causing tooth infections. Also, it is good for acne.

Improves Bone and Blood

Health Rich in Copper, improving the bone and blood health is one of the benefits of eating cashew nuts. The antioxidants present in the nuts reduce free radicals and aids the body in utilizing iron for enhanced bone health.

Aids Hair Growth

Incorporating cashews in your diet can actually help you improve hair growth in your body. Cashews, rich in iron and copper, increase the production of melanin for better hair health.

Improves Heart Health

Loaded with good cholesterol, one of the essential benefits of eating cashew nuts is enhancing the circulatory health of the heart. This is possible due to the presence of monounsaturated fatty acids in high levels

Reduces Fatigue

Cashew nuts nutrition containing magnesium helps the body in fighting fatigue and tension, thereby improving overall health. Also, it aids in controlling blood pressure, soreness, migraine and muscle spasms.

Improving Weight Control

Adding cashews to your daily diet can actually help you keep your weight in control. This is one of the key benefits of cashew nuts as it contains healthy fat and can act as a good substitute to control sudden hunger pangs.

Enhance Skin Health

Incorporate healthy cashew nuts as a snack into your daily diet to get healthy skin. It is known for its properties to improve skin health by increasing melanin production, thanks to the rich dose of copper.