Dabangg 2 Review


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Movie Name: Dabangg 2
Star-Cast: Arbaaz Khan, Deepak Dobriyal, Nikitin Dheer, Prakash Raj,  Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Sonu Sood,  Vinod Khanna
Director: Arbaaz Khan
Music Director: Sajid Wajid
Genre: Action/drama
Release Date: December 21, 2012

With the year coming to an end the badass Robin Hood is once again back to flush off the baddies in town in his own versatile style and when we watched we got what we expected.  The flying high action, punching with a wind sequences, holding up the culprit and throwing him down the earth.  Definitely enjoyable.

Dabangg 2 is the sequel but is similar in many aspects. Right from action adoption till the music composition. The flick begins from where it left. Chulbul Pandey played by Salman Khan married to Rajjo, depicted by Sonakshi Sinha, in first installment is now transferred from Laalganj to Bajariya thana in Kanpur. He is now an Inspector-in –charge here carrying forward same values he had before. Without wasting any time Pandeji comes hard over criminals in the city. And talking of the same values Pandeji robs the rich and helps the poor in the sequel too.


Chulbul Pandey(Salman Khan) is transferred to Kanpur, where he lives with his wife, Rajjo(Sonakshi Sinha) father, Prajapati Pandey(Vinod Khanna) and brother Makkhi(Arbaaz khan). Chulbul being a fearless police officer that he is, solves a kidnapping case and messes with Baccha Bhaiya’s(Prakash Raj) who is a politician with an immoral attitude. Chulbul fights his gang with his fearless attitude which leaves Baccha Bhaiya gnashing his teeth. He in turn takes revenge by harming Chulbul’s unborn child. The rest of the story is how Chulbul retaliates to Baccha’s crimes and comes out victorious.

Plus Points:

Salman Khan is his usual self, keeps the crowd yelling and cheering, scene after scene. His humor and romance is tremendous, but what make the viewers stuck to their seats are his action sequences. He looks dashing in the desi action and yes! Salman khan goes shirtless in one of the scenes. Sonakshi Sinha looks more appealing and beautiful. Unlike the first part, Vinod Khanna shares an affectionate relation with his son and depicts more comedy and humor this time. Acclaimed actor, Prakash Raj plays a villain of the decade with his overwhelming performance.

Minus Points:

Busy with his direction, Arbaaz Khan isn’t seen in a lot of scenes. Not that we have much to say about the minus points, but the movie has a few similarities to the first part which could have been a bit different. The second half of the movie contains a little less humor and more action. Being an out-an-out entertainer, the movie could have been more elongated. Apart from these few points, the film couldn’t have been better.

Technical Aspects:

With some new and some old one-liners the dialogues of the movie are just superb as the first part. Music is peppy and numbers like ‘Fevicol Se’ and ‘Pandeyji Seti’, definitely urges the audiences to leave their seats and shake their foot. Also the slow numbers including ‘Dagabaaz Re’ and ‘Saason Ne’ are well sung and also shot nicely. Even though Malaiaka makes a come back for a few seconds in the song, ‘Pandeyji Seti’, Kareena steals the charm with her amazing dancing and pleasing looks. Action sequences have been shot very well and Salman Khan is in his peaks while doing it. Screenplay of the movie is decent and so is the editing.


On the whole, Dabangg 2 is all in all amalgamation of being a perfect family entertainer and one of Salman’s best performances. He once again proves his worth and Dabangg2 is set to create new records at the box-office. A decent and entertaining family outing, Dabangg 2 has everything from music, masti, dance, and romance going its way. Don’t miss it.

It will bombard the boxoffice, every person of mass centre will watch it atleast two times.. And I can bet with anyone that 3 idiots record will be broken by huge margin.. Go watch ,its mind-bloooowinnngggg.. Every one in theater loved every minute of movie..