Devaraya Tweet Review


Devaraya Tweet Review

10:22 Am [IST]: Film Starts with Super Graphical Works of showing Lord Durga Devi Dancing.
10:24 Am [IST]: Srikanth Entry as Dorababu Drinking Full Bottle alcohol without stopping  to win a local contest in their village (Amalapuram)
10:30 Am [IST]: 1st Song :: “Bavalu”  item comes up and even song is short ( Item Song SOoooo HOooot)
10:35 Am [IST]:  Dorababu (Srikanth) Routine of playing cards from morning to evening…
10:39 Am [IST]: Vidisha Dancing n shila ki javani Song is nice…
10:48 Am [IST]: Dorababu Smart Plans to make heroine fall in love is very funny
11:00 Am [IST]: Vidisha Visual Treat to audience eyes in Dorababu dream is hot
11:05 Am [IST]: Shivaji raja as anthropologist Brings a book at Sri Krishna Devaraya,looks like film getting on serious note.
11:10 Am [IST]: 3rd Song :: Vidisha Sizzled the screen once again with a beach song “Guchi Guchi” is so hot.
11:15 Am [IST]: First Fight in this film and it was shot well….
11:20 Am [IST]: Interval block is given with small glimpse of flash back of Srikanth as “Sri Krishna Devaraya”
11:25 Am [IST]: 1st Half is little entertaining, with small songs, few censored double meaning dialogues, little skin show by vidisha
11:25 Am [IST]: 1st Half is little entertaining, with small songs, few censored double meaning dialogues, little skin show by vidisha
11:25 Am [IST]: Second Half starts with flash back into 15th century, Srikanth in Devaraya Getup
11:25 Am [IST]: Srikanth as King ‘Sri Krishna Devaraya’ is looking like Royal King.

11:37 Am [IST]: 4th Song :: Meenakshi Classical Dance movies in the song “Sri Krishnaraya” is nice
11:40 Am [IST]: Srikanth Non-stop dialogues for more than one minute as King Devaraya is Awesome

11:45 Am [IST]: King Devaraya falls in love with Sunanda (Meenakshi) Seeing her dance.
11:50 Am [IST]: 5th Song :: Meenakshi poured her beauty on screen in song “Chakkerakeli”
11:53 Am [IST]: Director Bring to present day from flash back
11:53 Am [IST]: Srikanth Body is occupied by Sri Krishna Devaraya Soul and he start to behave like king between his friends , Good Twist.

12:00 Pm [IST]: Dialogue :: Srikanth’s dialogue about importace of telugu language is soooper…
12:03 Pm [IST]: Srikanth sudden changes from dorababu to king Devaraya with gaps is little boring

12:06 Pm [IST]: Love track between Vidisha Brought up,which is disturbing and serious mood of the film
12:09 Pm [IST]: Flash back part comes again..
12:12 Pm [IST]: Twist in the story come up with the situation  of devarya have to leave his soul for accidental mistake done by king Devaraya
12:17 Pm [IST]: Devaraya gets attacked by enemy’s when he is between vigraha prathista of Lord Durga, in this mishap Devaraya drops god idol on the ground
12:21 Pm [IST]: Suganda Dies in this Fight between Devaraya and his enemies.
12:25 Pm [IST]: The left out unfinished temple and lord durga idol Prathista of devaraya has to be finished by dorababu  is main plot in this film
12:29 Pm [IST]: Film is coming close to climax with Dorababu getting ready to leave his life and do the vigraha prathista of lord Durga

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