Dhoom 3 Movie Review


Dhoom 3 ReviewMovie: Dhoom 3 (2013)

Cast: Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra, Sabin Shrestha, Aditi Rao Hydari, Katrina Kaif Jackie Shroff, Tabrett Bethell
Genre: Action
Release Date: 20th December, 2013
Language : Hindi
Director: Vijay Krishna Acharya
Producer: Aditya Chopra


An engaging tale the story is set on the backdrop of Chicago and a bank is getting looted by a thief leaving a clown’s mask. He is Sahir (aamir) who has a circus show and he also has a vengeance behind this act. From India come the duo of ACP Jai Dixit (abhishek) and Ali (uday chopra) to catch the thief. Meanwhile, Sahir is joined by the beautiful Aaliya (katrina) in his circus acts. Whether Jai and Ali are able to catch Sahir or not forms the rest of the story.


It is best to reveal as little as possible about Aamir’s character. To say the least, Aamir Khan is sincere in whatever he does. He plays every shade of his role with smoothness, ease and perfection.

Katrina Kaif is beautiful in every frame. She is perfect with her acts and the dance. Sadly, her role isn’t written with more meat or emotion.

Abhishek Bachchan is as good as Jai Dixit as he has always been.

And no curt words for Uday Chopra. God bless him for all the comic relief he provides. Without him, Dhoom would be a brooding and distastefully somber.

Technical Departments:

The director has come up with a regular storyline and while the presentation was rich, the narrative was quite absorbing. The dialogues were well written. The script was average but the screenplay made the whole difference. The background score was gripping and three songs were worth watching. Cinematography was exceptional.

Editing was crisp. Costumes were stylish and well designed to suit the royalty while the art department was fabulous. Aamir Khan has taken the film to a new level with his performance, Katrina was stunningly sexy and eye catching, Abhishek was good, Uday Chopra brought few smiles. Not much for the foreign actors. Jackie was brief but made his presence felt.


It takes a while for the film’s plot to reveal completely. Luckily the writers pack in ample suspense to keep your interest latched to the film from the scene go. While Dhoom and Dhoom 2 both worked because of style and slickness, this one works for its grit. It essentially has all the fun and entertainment that comes as a package from the franchise but luckily this time the makers did not decide to give the story a miss.

Aamir’s bikes and all the death defying stunts are extremely filmy to the core giving the audiences a taste of what essentially qualifies as Bollywood, but this time they infuse a highly emotional story.Of course, one wouldn’t watch Dhoom for a story. It has always been about the ‘femme fatalles’ and ‘Fast and Furious’ stunts. But this one reveals itself as less of a wet dream than what you expect. I specifically like the realistic writing that was attempted in this one. Using one of Bollywood’s archaic props in a contemporary movie like this is astonishing and commendably used.

The reason why the writing is great in this film is not because of how the story is structured but on what it is based. Getting to India, the concept of international circus, recovering the Shakespearean idea of wittiness of a clown is praiseworthy.

The film in the second half resorts to unbelievable sloppiness and slackens a little in terms of looseness in the consistency of film’s writing but nevertheless, the use of a few extremely stellar ideas makes this film fantastic for me.

Final Word: On the whole, DHOOM-3 is one solid entertainer loaded with attitude and star power that will leave fans of the series salivating for more. It is miles ahead of its predecessors in the DHOOM series. This will shatter previous records and set new ones. SURE-SHOT BLOCKBUSTER.