Himmatwala Movie Review


Himmatwala-Movie-ReviewMovie: Himmatwala
Cast: Ajay Devgn, Tamannaah, Paresh Rawal, Mahesh Manjrekar, Adhyayan Suman, Zarina Wahab
Producer : Ronnie Screwvala, Vashu Bhagnani
Director : Sajid Khan
Music Director : Sajid-Wajid
Release date: March 29, 2013

Director Sajid Khan is all set to bring the latest version of eighties super hit movie ‘Himmatwala’, with its releases on this Friday March 29, 2013 across the country. Starring superstar Ajay Devgn and new comer Tamannaah, Himmatwala, is amonst the biggest and most sought remake of the year based on the 80s Bollywood cult classic ‘Himmatwala’ that featured evergreen Jeetendra and ravishing Sridevi. Here is the Himmatwala Movie review, release date and expectations, which is going to hit the cinema halls this Friday with much hope and enthusiasm.

Himmatwala Movie Expectations:

Stars Performance:

As, Jeetendra and Sridevi have already created the magic onscreen in 80s with the same movie, Himmatwala is expected to be high on entertainment with lots of high voltage stunts and fights by heroic Ajay Devgan as Ravi.

Ajay plays the role of ravi, son of a school teacher in the movie Himmatwala, who fights to bring back the lost glory of his father in his village, when Tammannah (playing the character of Rekha), falls in love with Ravi. Rekha is the daughter of Mahesh Manjrekar (the villain in the movie), who is playing the character of Sher Singh.

Himmatwala Technicalities:

Talking about the music of the movie, the music of the movie is although not very much promising but the new version of the early hits ‘Taki Taki‘ and ‘Naino Mein Sapna‘ from the original film are still listeners choice and have gained much popularity. Moreover, the song ‘Thank God It’s Friday‘, featuring Sonakshi Sinha in the voice of emphasizing Sunidhi Chauhan is a a real treat for the viewers with the real essence of 80’s hits and can be predicted as a tribute to Bappi Lehri in real sense.

As Himmatwala is a solo bollywood release this Friday; it has many expectations in the box office with the touch of K. Raghavendra Rao’s entertaining screenplay and superb direction in the earlier version starring Jeetendra and Sridevi. Moreover, the directorial expertise of director Sajid Khan, with his earlier success of Hey Babby to Housefull 2 in his catalogue and exceptional acting capability of Ajay Devgan are the added advantage to the movie.

Final Say About Himmatwala Movie:

So, there are many expectations with the movie ‘Himmatwala‘, this Friday and bollywood can really expect another blockbuster in the box office after the success of ‘Race 2‘ and ‘Special 26‘ this year. So, just wait overnight to watch on the most paisa vasool and entertaining drama of the year ‘Himmatwala‘ this Friday with lots of action, drama and dialogues to make your weekend happening.

Himmatwala FULL Movie Review

‘Himmatwala’ is a lesson in ridiculousness, and a painfully long one at that.

It blatantly assaults our senses, visual and mental, leaving us severely scarred.

In director Sajid Khan’s trademark style, he botches up an already over-the-top 80’s original, by the same title, with innumerable, nonsensical twists and turns.

Shockingly, through his remake, Sajid  even attempts an Ang Lee, and gives a tiger a “meaty” role. Only, Sajid’s appetite for spoofs and the illogical leaves this introduction rather unfunny and bland.

He’s so focused on the buffoonery and dim-witted dialogues, that there’s very little that will tickle you in ‘Himmatwala’.

“I live on the ground floor, so I don’t need a lift,” responds a character, when another asks if he needs a lift.

At, another time, after indulging in a silly, scream contest, an angry man tells another; “I’m bored of As, let’s start with Bs now.”

Surely, Sajid’s target audience demands a little more credit, or should I say, grey matter.

Much like his whimsical take on the original, Sajid eliminates many characters from the original, and introduces a few, unimpressive ones, among them a bunch of eager item girls.

Of the six dancing beauties, only one we identify as the shimmery Sonakshi Sinha, who sways to a dull disco track.

The deaf-and-mute needy bloke and his pleasing ladylove, and the annoying ‘cousin’ are cut out to make way for an elderly righteous villager, a ticket collector and a growling tiger.

Sajid even substitutes the crucial drama surrounding a dam construction in the original with a village election in the remake.

Even, an attempted gang-rape, allowing for a political lecture, and a case of mistaken identity are added to the narrative, that stretches out to 150-minutes.

Surely, the indulgence doesn’t bother Sajid, because for him it’s less about the logic and more about the gags.

Veteran Asrani is probably the only link between the original and the remake, and takes on a new role as the animated ticket collector who mouths the same dialogue over and over again.

Ajay Devgn takes on Jeetendra’s idealist Ravi in this revenge saga, with a lot more gusto and muscle power. He punches a tiger, knocks down the baddies using temple bells and even lifts a bullock cart, minus the animal thankfully.

And, while he sleepwalks through most parts, we sense an obvious awkwardness when he tries to match steps with the versatile Tamannaah. She, in turn, works tirelessly on Sri Devi’s brash Rekha, but not quite her thunder thighs.

While Zarina Waheb impressively reprises Waheeda Rehman’s mommy duties as the resilient Savitri, Mahesh Manjrekar gives Amjad Khan’s notorious Sher Singh a decent punch.

But, it is Paresh Rawal who walks away with the top honours as Sher Singh’s loyal sidekick Narayan Das. A role that even Kedar Khan had perfected in the original.

The only miscast is Adhyayan Suman who is unable to fit into the shoes of the menacing Shakti Kapoor. Clearly, that’s a feat not many can achieve.

While Sajid has refrained from doing scene-to-scene recreations, he has made a few exceptions, especially when illustrating the 80s kitsch in flamboyant dances, and when a bunch of notorious in-laws needed reforming.

I do know that apart from Sajid, there are many, who might enjoy such frivolity, but for some, who’ve not lost their senses, just yet, this is such a waste of valuable time.

And, with the delusional filmmaker, promising to refund anyone unhappy with ‘Himmatwala’, we won’t have to fret about losing our money.

It’s only the long queue for the refunds that should have him worried.

Evidently, it takes a brave heart (himmatwala) to endure this one!

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