Malligadu Marriage Bureau Movie Review


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Release Date: 07 Feb 2014
Cast: Srikanth, Manochitra
Director: Uday Raj
Producer: Mallela Sitaramaraju
Music Director: Raghu Ram

Malligadu Marriage Bureau (MMB) – Story

A money minded marriage broker Malligadu (Srikanth) and owner of Malligadi Marriage Bureau. For the sake of money Malligadu can make a marriage of a beggar. Including that Malligadu offers a one year guarantee for the marriage occurs his bureau. In the meantime few threads gets attested to Malligadu. He gets an offer to make marriage of Manochitra a misogamist – His cousin Suresh meets with an accident – Bhai (Bhramanandam) a don gets his supari to kill Malligadu. Every problem starts giving Malligadu marriage bureau a hard time to survive. How will Malligadu survive this pressure and solve his problems forms the rest of the storyline.

Malligadu Marriage Bureau (MMB) – Star Performance

Coming to performances, Srikanth tops the rest. He looks good in every frame of the film, very natural. Mano Chitra passes off as a Misogamist, she looks pretty in few scenes. Vennala Kishore is limited in his character. Sirisha who acted as Srikanth’s sister is okay in her role. Brahmanandam as the Bhai with nothing more than one and a half expression. Rest of the characters Posani Krishna Murali, Telangana Shakunthala, Jaya Prakash Reddy has very little to do and are okay in their act.

Malligadu Marriage Bureau (MMB) – Techinical Team

While not close to as bad as last month’s first release Srikanth’s “Kshatriya”, Malligadu Marriage Bureau is a disappointment nothing less. Loaded with full padding cast, the film never had the potential to be much better, if only the screenplay was refreshing and the story had more twists to avoid getting predictable. The storyline is simple but it neither has the charm of a romantic tale nor the breeze of a comedy and hence boredom begins to creep in 10 -15 minutes into the first half. It’s not the story that that is at fault here, but the execution which is absolutely amateurish. Barring a couple of scenes in the second half that manage to evoke some kind of emotion, the film is extremely sluggish and highly predictable. It’s the pace that requires you to watch MMD with a lot of patience. It unnecessarily drags along.

Songs by Raghava Ram are very loud, even BGM failed to elevate the scenes. Editor failed to make the film crispier. More than 150 minutes movie fail to engage audience with its poor transition of scenes. Dialogues in the film are damn irritating for example “Pelli peetala meedha pellagipodam chusuntav pelli ayipoyaka vidipodam chusuntav pelli roje vidipodam ipudu chusthav”, “Rajamouli ki flop ante entha chiraako maa ammayiki pellante antha chiraaku…” from this you can understand the range dialogue writer has worked out on the dialogues. Production Values in the film are very low.

Malligadu Marriage Bureau (MMB) – Analysis

Overall, Malligadi Marriage Bureau is found lacking on several fronts. A wafer-thin plot, a not-so-convincing set of developments, amateurish direction and poor acting don’t seem to have helped the movie’s fortunes at all. First half of the film is horrible so is the second half, but the flash back episode that work a bit in this 158 minutes of torture. At the box office, the film has no chance whatsoever.

 Bottom Line: Srikanth’s Successful Second Flop in Two Months.