Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham Movie Review


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This uniquely titled Jai starrer has overcome a number of obstacles, mainly with the title, and has finally hit screens today!

Tamil filmmakers are taking up unique themes to present their movies, and debutant director K. Chandru has taken up the fantasy comedy genre!

Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham opens to a modern heaven, complete with Lord Muruga playing Temple Run on his iPad and Lord Ganesha working out on the treadmill! Naradhar (Manobala) comes to meet Lord Shiva (Panchu Subbu) with a pendrive! The pendrive has details of 4 individuals, all of whom seem to be fun loving individuals. Lord Shiva has asked for a specific type of persons, as he has some plan in mind! Of the 4, Ramarajan (Jai) is a homoeopathic doctor, Ganesh (VTV Ganesh) is the timid husband of a local rowdy Sornakka, Sathyan is the son of a corrupt MLA (Swaminathan) and Rajkumar (of Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom fame) is an aspiring actor! The introductions and background details of all four of these guys and Jayashree (Nivedha Thomas) – Ramarajan’s love interest are quirkily and funnily done! When the darker side of these people are revealed to Lord Shiva by Naradhar, he decides to teach them and the world a lesson, through his latest Thiruvilayadal! The gang decides to go to Bangkok and Singapore to celebrate Ramarajan’s bachelor’s party and that is when they become pawns in Lord Shiva’s game! What is the game? In what way is it going to change their lives? Why is Shiva playing this game at all? Watch AGS Entertainments’ Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham (NSS) to know!

Right from the opening scene to the self professed Hollywood-style rolling credits in the end, the NSS team have come up with unique ways of presentation! Though the way things build-up in the first half make one think of the Hollywood flick The Hangover, and just like reading our minds, the characters themselves make fun of this point! Similarly, the way the characters themselves make fun of the point that the first half travelled quickly and was jolly but the second half dragged a bit, provide quite a few laughs! Manobala, Subbu Panchu, Devadarshini, Badava Gopi, the four male leads and Chitra Lakshmanan all do their bit in making the audiences laugh! Nivedha Thomas has very little screen time but her lovely expressions captivates!

Though a comic movie, it comes with an underlying social message that is spelt out in the end, for those who would have failed to absorb it! Though the second half, reminding us all of Tom Hanks’ Castaway, could have been paced better, towards the climax the movie picks up speed, but travels very much along expected lines! The witty one-liners from all the characters tickle the funny bone! Prem Kumar’s music is subtle! Anand Jeeva’s cinematography has wonderfully captured the lovely locales of Thailand and Malaysia. Venkat Prabhu’s cameo, where he talks to Thala Ajith over the phone, and playfully mocks at himself are really well done! However, one does tend to think why the movie was not named Naveena Thiruvilayadal, as it has more similarities to Thiruvilayadal than Saraswathi Sabatham!

Following the success of Raja Rani, Jai seems to have taken the lighter veined route to success! Check out Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham for a jolly time with your friends!