Prathighatana Movie Review


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Release date : April 18, 2014
Starring : Charmi, Reshma
Director : Tammareddy Bharadwaja
Producer : Tammareddy Bharadwaja
Music Director :M.M. Keeravani
Rating: 2/5

Talented actress Charmee, has joined hands with veteran director Tamma Reddy Bhardwaja and has come up with a powerful social entertainer in Pratighatana. E Rojullo fame Reshma also plays an important role in this film, which has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is.


Nischala is a sincere TV 5 reporter, who embarks on the journey to cover the dreaded rape case in a small village. Once she lands there, she comes to know about the people behind the rape through victim’s best friend Shanti(Reshma)

An upset Nischala, finds out that some big political heads are behind the accused, and decides to bring them out in the open and create an awareness that will stop the violence against women.
How will Nischala manage to tackle such big shots ? Who will help her in her journey ? Will she be successful in getting the culprits behind the bars ? For all the answers, you need to watch the film on big screen.

Performances :

Charmee :

All expectations that were riding on Charmee’s performance had been flushed down the drain. Her noise was dominating her performance in fact. Charmee’s voice could have been dubbed with some good Telugu to justify the role of a journalist working for a Telugu channel. Charmee has definitely lost her charm. One good thing noticed is that, she has lost weight.

Atul Kulkarni :

This man plays the role of an honest police officer who wants to confront the culprits and find justice for the victim. He performed his role in perfection and that is all we could say.

Raghu Babu :

Raghu Babu should be very thankful to the director for giving him a pivotal and full length role in a film. So far we had seen him like a villain who can only do comedy. This movie is an overdose of the same. He dons the role of a politician here.

Performances of Reshma, Posani Murali Krishna, Jhansi and so on are just fair enough.

Plus Points:

Charmee gives an honest performance as a TV 5 reporter. She is very good in two of the scenes where she speaks out with lots of emotional outburst.

Reshma steals the show in the first half of the film. She fits her role aptly, and gives in a remarkable performance. First half of the film is crisp and gripping.

The interval bang is pretty good, and the way it has been shot in slow motion with a background song is awesome. Atul Kulkarni is good as the honest cop, and saves the film in the second half.
Social injustice against women has been showcased nicely. Posani entertains as the corrupt cop.

Minus Points:

Though this film has a serious subject, it does not look serious on screen. The main villain who is the cause of all this, and for whom the entire movement has begun is shown in a very lighter note. Raghu Babu plays the main character, and does it in his usual funny style which makes matter worse.

Hard hitting films like these need serious actors in major roles, but characters of this film make light of the serious situation that is going on. Brahmanandam is just wasted in one scene which has no connectivity to the film.

The sympathy that should be generated for a rape victim, is not generated in the film. After an engaging first half, the director loses the plot and drags the film.
Though Charmi given in a good performance, her dubbing is pretty bad in the film. A professional dubbing artist could have been used to mouth such powerful and meaning dialogues written for her.

Technical Aspects:

Dialogues in the film are very powerful, and have been written nicely. Editing of the film is quite good, and so is the camera work. Screenplay goes down in the second half, as a number of irrelevant scenes spoil the flow of the film.

Tammareddy Bhardwaja has chosen an good subject, but could not elevate it to the necessary level. As said earlier after an interesting and gripping first half, he loses the plot in the second.
Many wayward scenes and sequences form the core of the film in the second half and make you loose interest in the film.


On the whole, Pratighatana is as yet another case of good script with bad execution. Charmi, Reshma and a gripping first half are the only saviours for this film. But a bad and ineffective supporting cast, and some clichéd scenes spoil the essence of this film.