Prema Ishq kadhal Movie Review


prema-ishq-kadhal-movie-reviewMovie: “Prema Ishq kadhal Movie Review”

Star Cast : Harshvardhan Rane,Vishnu Vardhan,Harish Varma,Ritu Varma,Sree Mukhi,Edward Stevenson Perejiand more…

Director : Pavan Sadineni

Produced by: Bekkam Venugopal

Music by: Shravan

Genre : Feature film soundtrack

Releasing on : December 06, 2013


Prema Ishq Kaadhal is a  romantic-comedy film directed by Pavan Sadineni. The film is being produced by Bekkam Venugopal of Lucky Media. The cinematography is being handled by Karthik Gattamneni, who is famous for cinematography and direction of short films from the studio Pondfreaks Entertainment. Actors Harshavardhan, Vishnu and Harish, and three girls, Vithika, Srimukhi and Ritu Varma, play three romantic pairs.

Story Line:

Prema Ishq Kaadhal is a love story rounds around three couples. Sarayu (Vithika Sheru) a college girl falls behind Randy (Harsha Vardhan Rane), who runs a coffee shop for a college programme. Royal Raju (Vishnu Vardhan), an assistant director meets up with costume designer Sameera (Rithu Varma). RJ Arjun (Harish) gets attracted to the outlook of Shanti (Srimukhi) a software professional. These are the three pairs and the rest of the story is all about their love and life.


Star Performance:

Harsha Vardhan Rane, fame of Thakita Thakita performed well as a Rock star. His dialogues and mannerism with Vithika are totally good. Remaining characters in the film like Vithika Sheru, Vishnu Vardhan, Rithu Varma, Harish and Srimukhi are impressive and natural with their acting.

Vithika Sheru is good in her role. Rithu Varma was pretty with her outstanding performance. Srimukhi over comes her ordinary looks with her expressions with timing. Remaining cast provide the comic relief and Nara Rohit voice over is used suitably.


Message oriented film and music was good




Looks like a short film.

Seccond Half Little bit Dragging