Priyathama Neevachata Kusalama Movie Review


Priyathama-Neevachata-Kusalama-Movie-ReviewMovie : Priyathama Neevachata Kusalama (2013)
Star Cast : Varun Sandesh, Kamal Jha , Rakshita (Haasika)
Director : Trinadha Rao Nakkina
Producer : K Sambasiva Rao
Releasing on : March 23, 2013.

Ratings : 2.75/5

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Young hero Varun Sandesh, who is churning film after film is back with his latest offering in Priyathama Neevachata Kusalama. Directed by the talented Trinadh Rao Nakkina, this movie has Haasika and Komal Jha in lead roles. Sai Karthik composes music for this triangular love story which has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is.

Story :

The movie starts off in Rajamundhry, where Varun(Varun Sandesh) a happy go lucky guy loves Preethi(Haaskika) and tries to woo her always. Tired of his proposals, Preethi finally says yes to Varun and accepts his proposal. As time moves on the couple spend some happy times and one fine day Preethi’s dad, Rao(Rao Ramesh) comes to know about his daughters love. An angry Rao decides to get Preethi married to a different guy.

An upset Varun decides to elope with Preethi and plans everything accordingly. Now, when the actual time of eloping arrives, Preethi gives Varun an absolute shocker and leaves him for good. A shocked Varun gets very depressed and loses hope in life.

When Varun is going through his bad phase, Kundana(Komal Jha) enters his life and helps him out of his problems. She falls in love with Varun and proposes to him. At first Varun rejects her love, but later accepts her proposal. As time passes by Kundana and Varun start getting huge problems and finally break up with each other. What is the shock that Preethi gave to Varun? What are the difference that caused Kundana and Varun to break up? Will they get united once again ? That forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points :

The major plus point of the film is its second half. The entire story takes a u turn in the second half and has been showcased extremely well. Varun Sandesh looks sophisticated in the first half and enthralls the audience with his mass appeal in the second. Over all Varun has vastly improved his acting and dancing capabilities.

Hasika impresses in the role of a silent girl. She steals the show, and her character in the second half is of great importance. Three songs in Preethi Preethi, Yevo Yevo and Nuvvala Nenilaa are very good and have been shot well. Pragati, Subhleka Sudhakar do justice to the roles and the complete dialogues in second half particularly the climax are especially worth a mention.

Minus Points :

First half of the entire movie is a big let down. Scenes have been dragged out and situations have been forced. Komal Jha’s acting is a big let down in this film. Though she had the main role, she could not do justice to it. Even the dubbing and costumes selected for her did not go with the film.

Action scenes are a total unnecessary for this film. Not only they object the continuity of the film, they also look cheesy and dragged out.

Romantic tracks between the lead pair fail to register in our hearts. Though the director had two love stories he could have dealt them with more ease and patience. Some commercial elements in the first half go missing in this film. There was a vast scope of comedy in this film but even that was not utilized.

Technical Aspects :

Camera work is very good in this film, as all the songs have been shot exceptionally well. Sai Krthik’s music is a major plus to the film. As said above, Preethi Preethi, Yevo yevo songs are very good. Background score in a few scenes in the second half is exceptionally good.

Director Trinadh Rao has dealt with the second half nicely, but lost foucs on the first half. His screenplay, direction and script handling is not up to the mark here. But once he gets on to the seconf half he scores highly. His taking is good as he builds up a good suspense and tightens the entire screenplay by the end of the film.

Verdict :

On the whole Priyathama neevachata kusalama is a youthful entertainer made for its target audience. A splendid second half and edgy climax are sure shot plus points. On the flip side, lack of basic comedy and a routine and boring first half go against the film. Finally, watch this film if you have nothing else to do this weekend.