Singam 2 Movie Review


Singam-2-Movie-ReviewMoive: Singam
Starring: Suriya,Hansika,Anushka
Director: Hari
Producer: S.Lakshman Kumar
Banner: Studio Green
Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Suriya starrer Singam 2 has released worldwide with highest number of prints. Touted as a high voltage action entertainer, Singam 2 begins from the end point of Singam and Doraisingam will take on much powerful villains with international linkups this time.

Hansika and Santhanam joins the cast and British actor Danny plays antagonist. Radharavi, Nasser, Rahman, Manorama, Vivek played other supporting roles. The commercial mass masala potboiler Singam 2 is directed by Hari and produced by Prince Pictures banner with Devi Sri Prasad’s music.

Singam 2 has been made with a whopping budget with rich production values shot in exotic beautiful locales. Director Hari says that it would be a feast to watch Suriya in Singam 2. The unit members are quite confident on Singam 2’s success and the expectations have reached sky high.

Singam 2  is coming with the caption ‘An Indian Police’. A new trend has swept into sequel movies genre of late. No actor from previous movie will feature in the new movie. Even backdrop will be different. Singam 2 is not like that. Same story from the earlier movie continues in the new one. Even actors will be same but with additions of new actors and new twists.

* Duraisingam (Surya) is fond of his village. He loves police job. He comes to his home town as police officer but later gets transferred to Goa. What situations he faces there was Yamudu’s story. But in sequel he has to go to foreign country. What challenges he faced there, how he shows Indian police power there is the story.


Singam 2 Story:

Singam 2 is the continuing story of Duraisingam, as he hunts down a huge drug deal.

Singam 2 kicks off right from where Singam ended. Suriya is now in Tuticorin, an NCC coach in a school where Hansika studies. A series of events leads Suriya gathering info about a drug deal taking place in the area. The first 30 minutes of the movie are bland, and the movie does take its time to unfold. Towards the interval, Hari keeps us pinned with his crisp narration, well thought dialogues coupled with witty one liner comedy from Santhanam and Vivek. The interval bang is spot on, that is one superb scene.

Into the second half, and the movie traverses on jet speed. Hari’s thinking works here, as he overlaps the main story with the comic and dramatic scenes. The movie, even though put down by a few speed breakers(songs) and a not-so-great climax, moves on at a good pace and ends convincingly.

Stars Performance in Singam 2 Movie:

Performance wise, Suriya is at full swing, perfect when it comes to dialogue delivery, facial expressions and his ‘veri’ as a cop. Stunts have been well executed, and he has pulled off some cheeky movements in Singam Dance. What Singam 2 will probably do is put an end to all the negativity on Suriya. This guy has lived the role.Hansika has a fairly mightier role to play than the main heroine, Anushka who has been carved as a glam doll just for the sake of the songs. Vivek is hilarious, while Santhanam does bore you down a bit at times. What Singam 2 lacks is a powerful villain. Yes we have Danny Sapani, Rahman, Mukesh Rishi and Rajendran. But none of them could catch up to Prakash Raj’s enthu as in Singam. Supporting artists are apt, most of them continuing off their roles from the first.

Singam 2 Technicalities:

If a movie runs for 3 hours, and can manage to keep you entertained, you got to give credit to the director. Even though a little more care could have been taken, Hari must be lauded for his work. Dialogue writing is his strength and he has lived up to it, few lines do prick you up.

Cinematography by Priyan is commendable. One must appreciate the use of chopper cameras at various instances to provide a different angle. Editing is slick barring the long runtime. Stunts deserve a special mention, Anal Arasu and Rocky Rajesh – super work!

Negative Points in Singam 2:

Negatives in Singam 2, and we have DSP written all over it. Bad songs, except for Singam Dance which is saved by Suriya’s movements, and the BGM too isn’t that great. The songs surely broke down the flow of the movie, would be great to chop them off. Santhanam wasn’t at his best either, and we have some over-the-top stunts to worry about.

Draw a comparison to the first, and Singam 2 might not beat that. At the same time, it doesn’t get bobbed down. It has enough stock to keep you entertained. Go watch it, you’ll like it. If you don’t, best of luck being a hater.

Positives of Singam 2 Movie:

*Santhanam will dish out hilarious comedy. Santhanam amused with his comedy even in Yamudu.
*Hansika turned Singam into a triangle love story with her entry. Anjali will appear in a hot song.

*Devi Sri Prasad music will impress masses. Singam dance bit has already created buzz. Besides to mass tunes, DSP mark melody will also be present.

*Hari is an expert in dealing action episodes. Though story will be routine, action episodes are picturised on grand scale lavishly, promising high octane entertainment for masses. In fact, its action sequences which will decide the fate of this movie.
*An action sequence has been shot underwater in the sea. This underwater action episode is said to be the highlight of the movie.

*Surya Brothers have been facing tough time at box office of late. Their ‘Brothers’ and ‘Shakuni’ movies have been sent back. Singam has to roar at box office, if these Tamil Brothers have to regain their form.

Verdict : Beats all odds. Makes you realize the power of the Singam!

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