Sonna Puriyathu Movie Review


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Release Date :
26 Jul 2013
Cast: Shiva, Vasundhara Kashyap , Manobala
Movie: Sonna Puriyadhu (U)
Direction: Krishnan Jayaraj
Producer: Saandika Amarnath
Music: Yathish Mahadev
Genre: Comedy, Romance

Shiva has already created a fan base for himself in a short span of time. Knowing that humour is his main weapon, he has been choosing scripts which has humour as an intergal part of the story. Few weeks back we saw him in Thillu Mullu and now he is back with another comedy riot, Sonna Puriyathu, directed by Krishnan Jayaraj. Playing Shiva’s love interest is Vasundhara Kashyap, who was last seen as Maari in Poraali.


Shiva (Shiva) is a dubbing artist (English films to Tamil), who wants to stay single throughout his life as he feels that marriage will take away the freedom from him. But situation goes out-of-control and his mother blackmails him emotionally to tie the knot. At a crucial point he is pushed towards marriage, and the bride-to-be is Anjali (Vansundhara), a Television anchor. Anjali seems to be god-fearing, homely girl, but things change upside down and she is not the one we thought about. Shiva and Anjali team up to stop the marriage. Will they suceed? Watch out!

Few highlights

Hindi: right or not?

When the team needed a lyric writer to work on a Hindi song for the film, they didn’t know where to go. Director Krishnan Jayaraj figured that the lead actor (Shiva) might know Hindi because he had sweet beeda often. “I asked him if he could write a Hindi song, and he immediately wrote something,” recalls the filmmaker, “I don’t know the language and, well, it sounded like Hindi. Once they watch the film, the audience will have to tell me if the Hindi words are right.”

What’s the message?

At a time when many Tamil films drive home a message, this comic caper just wants to entertain. The cast and crew were particular that there should be no ‘message’ coming out of the subject of the film. In fact, even when the director wanted to tell something to the actors off the set, he’d directly call them and not ‘message’ them!

Dubbing dialogues

Tamil Nadu is big on dubbed Hollywood films, and the makers wanted to capitalize on that aspect. So, you have the protagonist playing a dubbing artist for Hollywood films and talking local Tamil. This means that you’ll have Jet Li being named ‘Kumar’ and talking about issues pertaining to Royapuram.

Dance movements

Sam Anderson, the internet sensation, has been roped in for a small role. It is said that when he arrived on the set, he wanted to know if he would be given a dialogue sheet or would be ‘allowed to improvise’. Also, in the dance number shot on him and Shiva, Sam reportedly stated that ‘Shiva’s timing was missing.’