Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu Premier Show Live Updates Tweets


Movie:Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu
Cast : Nani, Samantha, Anupama Kumar, Ravi Raghavendra…
Director :Gautham Menon
Producer :Gautham Menon, Venkat Somasundaram, Reshma Ghatala, C Kalyan, C V Rao
Music Directior : ilyaraja.
Genre :Romance
Release Date: 14th December 2012

Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu Movie Back Ground:

The movie is bilingual and Tamil hero Jeeva is essaying Nani’s role for the Tamil version.Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu is a forthcoming telugu romantic film written and directed by Gautham Menon, Nani and Samantha are playing leading roles.

Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu Got clean U certificate from Censor.

Soundtrack composed by Ilaiyaraaja. The songs will take time to grow on you with the repeated listening, just like slow poison.Ilayaraja offers us soothing, balmy and a pleasant album.Story:Gautham Vasudev Menon is appreciated Nani for his reverberating performance in the film YVM.

The stoty is a romantic love story.In this movie Nani,Samantha acted as Varun Krishna,Nithya Yalavarthi respectively. It looks like Samantha is back and she is willing to give more than 100 per cent to all her films.

Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu Live Updates Tweets..

09:55 AM [IST]  Hi Tweet-pals,  Good to see a houseful theater after long time

10:00 AM [IST]  Whistles all around  by seeing samantha name onscreen and film starts with “Nani” and his friends entering collage with song “Nachaledu Maava”

10:15 AM [IST]  Samantha entry dancing to “Rangola dolana” song,fans shouting seeing her,she is looking like an angel on screen

10:20 AM [IST]  Oh My God, Samantha is very pretty,her eyes,Smile,expressions are awesome

10:25 AM [IST]  “Preyathama ne vachata kusalama” Song comes up (Whistles and claps in the hall)

10:28 AM [IST]  Krishnudu as Varun’s (Nani) friend brings laughs at theater with comedy

10:30 AM [IST]  Childhood of “Varun” and “Nithya” (Samantha) are shown in the song “Laayi Laayi” song ends with Samantha and Nani in School Dress

10:34 AM [IST]  Samantha looks pretty in school uniform and her eyes are speaking much on screen

10:38 AM [IST]  Nani looking odd Without mustache and as school going young boy

10:42 AM [IST]  School Part of “Samantha” and “Nani” are shown Cutely on Screen by “Gautham”

10:50 AM [IST]  Small difference between Samantha and Nani, Both are heading with Small Fights and this leads them  to get Partways with each other in school

10:54 AM [IST]  “Nithya” and “Nani” are back in touch when they are 20, again their love story started

10:56 AM [IST]  Samantha Coming to pickup Nani, both talking in cell phone at late Nights, going to coffee days will make you folks remember your love days

11:00 AM [IST] “Samantha” says ‘I Love You’ to Nani in rain, lip lock here smartly and followed by “Yedhi Yedhi” Song

11:04 AM [IST] Chemistry between ‘Nani’ and ‘Samantha’ is great in the Song

11:07 AM [IST] ‘Samantha’ goes on a holiday trip to Scotland for three months and ‘Nani’ is Missing her Deeply

11:13 AM [IST] A Senti touch with Nani’s brother marriage getting canceled because of low finical status, which makes ‘Nani’ focus on his career

11:17 AM [IST]  This new career plans of ‘Nani’ is bringing is slowly killing the love life between ‘Samantha’ and ‘Nani’

11:25 AM [IST]: ‘Nani’ gets seat for MBA in Kerala Which is breaking the love between Samantha and Nani this bring little bore few minutes

11:32 AM [IST]: “Interval Blog” Big argument between ‘Samantha’ and ‘Nani’ happens when he asks her not to accompany to Kerala

11:36 AM [IST]: Till first half film is entertaining with good songs, Background score, Couple of cute fights between ‘Samantha’ and ‘Nani’ and pre interval 10 minutes is boring

11:42 AM [IST]: Second half starts with a spoof of “Ye Maya Chesave’ film with Krishnudu as Naga Chaitanya and Jenny as Samantha, Which is funny

11:45 AM [IST]: “Koti Koti” Song comes when ‘Nani’ travels to Tamil Nadu

11:48 AM [IST]: ‘Varun’ and ‘Nithya’ met once again when they are 24, ‘Sam’ Breaks into tears and still behaves mad at ‘Nani’ for their breakup

11:55 AM [IST]: ‘Nani’ saved messages into drafts which he wrote for ‘Samantha’ but never sent them, this melts ‘Samantha’ heart
12:00 PM [IST]: ‘Samantha’ looked Gorgeous in saree which continued with ‘Yenthentha Dooram’ song

12:06 PM [IST]: One more cute fight between Samantha and Nani, this time Gautham magical words are good, this continues with “Ardhamayyindinte Inthena” Song

12:12 PM [IST]: ‘Samantha’ calls ‘Nani’ after 5 months and Nani Breaks her heart saying his marriage got fixed (Good twist) let us see what happens next

12:12 PM [IST]: Pre-Climax :: Samantha calls Nani after 5 months … surprising twist. small chat between both of them is disappointing when both decides to remain as good friends


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