Zindagi 50-50 Movie Review


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Starring: Riya Sen, Arya Babbar, Veena Malik, Rajan Verma
Producer : Veeraj Kumar
Director : Rajiv Ruia
Music Director : Amjad Bagadba
Rating :2/5

One of Bollywood’s biggest drama queens, Veena Malik has been in the news for her antics than her acting talent. This Pakistani model turned Bollywood actress is now in the news with her debut movie titled ‘Zindagi 50-50’ that released today. Directed by Rajiv Ruia, the movie features Veena, Rajan Verma, Riya Sen, Arya Babbar, Supriya Kumari and Rajpal Yadav in the lead roles. Le’s read on to see if the movie lives up to expectations…


The film’s story revolves around the diverse lives of three women portrayed by Rupa (Supriya Kumari), Naina (Riya Sen) and Madhuri (Veena Malik). While Rupa is a regular housewife who struggles to fulfill Birju’s (Rajan Verma), her auto-driver husband, dream of getting a MHADA home by going many compromises, Naina (Riya Sen) on the other hand is a struggling actress working hard to achieve her dream of becoming Bollywood’s top actress. On the other end of the spectrum, Madhuri (Veena Malik) is a prostitute who has been forced into this field and dreams of living a regular respectable life.
Will these three women be able to achieve their respective dreams? What complications will they face on this tough journey towards their dream?

Positive Points:

Rajiv has come up with a good portrayal of these three different middle class women from diverse sections of the society. Most people will easily be able to connect with their everyday struggle and problems.

Coming to performances, Supriya portrays her character of a quirky housewife with perfection. Riya makes a comeback after a long time and had done a decent job. Veena Malik remains true to her character by depicting a prostitute with ease. She adds the glamour quotient to the movie. Rajpal Yadav is good at what he does best which is excellent comedy.

Negative Points:

Even though the concept is realistic and hard-hitting, the execution isn’t close to that. The director has failed to depict the dark reality of society in a powerful way that fails to make one empathize with the characters.

Supriya is extremely loud and hams it up in a few sequences and her over-the-top performance in some places is too much to digest. Riya has nothing to much to express in the movie with neither her figure or looks or acting skills making an impact. Arya Babbar has a few scenes only which don’t help us judge his acting prowess. Veena Malik’s expressions in a few emotional scenes are so overdone that they will easily make the viewers laugh. The rest of the characters including Rajpal and Rajan have overdone their parts.

Technical Points:

Few of the songs in the movie are work to the situations while few just don’t flow with the scenes. The director has used too much blasphemy and vulgarity with the characters that makes it look like a B-grade movie.
Cinematography is too dark and gloomy while the editing is not upto the mark. The screenplay is disappointing with over-drawn emotional and boring sentences while the dialogues contain nothing but cuss words.


Overall, the one thing that the viewers will learn from ‘Zindagi 50-50’ is that every other man in the society just wants to sleep with every woman and vice versa. The over-the-top characters and a needless skin-show make ‘Zindagi’ 50-50 an easy miss.