Actress Makes Good Money With Digital Promotions


The one leading lady from Tollywood who doesn’t have any boundaries on social media is this top actress. She was seen sending couple goals and thus shared her regular glimpses to make her fans happy even in these crisis hours.

Now the actress has yet again made her statement in social media with her productive pass time activities in the crisis time. She has been learning Kitchen gardening and thus she has revealed in a recent interview saying that herself and her husband are loving the home grown salads and relishing the taste of it! This shows how the actress is so concerned about self care during this pandemic time.

In her recent appearances the actress looked stunning with perfect look and grace. Sources say that she is practicing pure green diet and thus maintaining her stunning figure purely depending on Spinach and Broccoli which are home grown.

All this is just one side of the story, the actress is said to be actually promoting that Kitchen gardening company and has helped in spreading word of mouth as planned by a Kitchen Gardening company and amassed clients for the Jubilee Hills based company whose store is now flooded with many gardening enthusiasts and this they are paying the actress a monthly cheque for her promotion!

In this way the actress has stunned all cinema lovers by earning, learning and growing all in the plants!