RGV Wishes His First Film Hero


Tollywood’s veteran star hero Nagarjuna is celebrating his 61st birthday the ‘Shashti Purthi’ today. It is evident that he is now acting in the movie ‘Wild Dog’, directed by Solomon Ahisore and is almost in the finishing stage of the shoot.

Now Nagarjuna is said to be very concerned about content-driven films and his ‘Wild Dog’ itself is a big example.

Today as this veteran turns a year old, the ace director Ram Gopal Varma wished his first film hero Nagarjuna on Twitter. RGV asked in adoration as to what Nagarjuna eats to stay this young and fit. He even praised the star saying every birthday the actor is turningvyoung and in this way the actor lives a long life. Nagarjuna fans have adored the best wishes of RGV and thanked for his gratefulness towards their favorite star.

The actor is now all set to try different films and content backed roles. On the latest the ace actor is said to be in talks with ‘Gaurda Vega’ director for a thriller and is also planning to remake the Bollywood hit film ‘Raid’ that starred Ajay Devgn as a honest Anti-Corruption cop. It is said that the star is in a hurry to sort out the director to deal this ambitious remake!

It is evident that Nag will see the audience via Bigg Boss 4 that begins on September 06.