Potugadu Movie Review


Potugadu Movie ReviewTitle : Potugadu (2013)
Star Cast : Manchu Manoj, Sakshi Chowdhary, Posani Krishna Murali…
Director : Pawan Wadeyar
Producer : Lagadapati Sirisha
Genre : Comedy – Romance
Music : Achu
Release Date : Sept 14, 2013.

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Potugadu Preview :

Manchu Manoj has a special place in today’s young heroes. He has tried different stories and roles with ‘Nenu meeku telusa’, ‘prayanam’, ‘oo..kodathara..ulikki padathara..’ movies. He is known for experimenting with different looks and characters. Now this Manchu hero is coming as Potugadu. Potugadu is coming this Saturday. Let’s find out what are the strengths of this Potugadu? Let’s see whether Manoj can score a hit in these turbulent times.

* Potugadu is a remake of Kannada hit film Govindayanamah. Pawan Wadeyar, who directed the original, also took responsibilities of remake. Producer Lagadapati Sridhar is confident that Potugadu, which is a mix of action, comedy and suspense, will impress even Telugu audience.

* Achu’s music is the main strength of this film. ‘Pyar me padipoyame..’ song is already a hit. Besides to that Simbu and Manoj have brought craze for audio album by singing in their own voices.

* Manoj is experienced in doing joyfully mischievous roles on screen. He has experimented with many getups in this movie. It has to be seen to what extent those roles will attract audience.

* Four beautiful girls are starring opposite Manoj in this film. Don’t know from where all these girls have been brought, but it appears they showed their glamour in full fledged. If all these four girls fill the screen with their beauties, then mass audience will make a queue to the theatres.

* Potugadu got A certificate. Don’t know whether ‘A’ certificate is for double meaning dialogues or for risky fights of Manoj?

* Manoj always experiments for novelty. But this time he has selected a commercial subject. He is saying hat he will show novelty and variety while at the same time making it commercially hit.

* This movie has been sold for table profit even before its release. If buyers and audience gets satisfied, what more can one expect?

* Manoj is in need of a commercial hit. He is believing that Potugadu will fulfil that desire. We have to wait for 24 hours more to see, whether his desire gets fulfilled or not.

Potugadu Movie Live Updates- Tweet Review

Updated at 11:34 AM

Love story comes full circle..Review will follow folks..

Updated at 11:26 AM

A massive fight breaks out…comedy has been replaced by serious scenes and fights in this part of the film

Updated at 11:20 AM

Unexpected twist in the love story…. Veteran actor Vinod Kumar makes an entry as a cop..

Updated at 11:16 AM

A warm love story develops between Manoj and Anupriya.. Time for the very popular ‘Devatha’ song…

Updated at 11:12 AM

Story shifts to the 4th love story… Anupriya makes an entry as Mary…

Updated at 11:06 AM

The second fight of the movie breaks out…

Updated at 10:58 AM

Time for the song, ‘Bujji Pilla’..

Updated at 10:56 AM

3rd love story starts… Rachel comes in as stacy.. A foreigner..

Updated at 10:45 AM

Ali comes in as a doctor..

Updated at 10:32 AM

Unexpected twist.. Movie turns serious.. Interval.. First half is racy, funny and very entertaining.. Have to see if the momentum can be sustained in the second half



10:29am: Being alcoholic Govinda reveals what he expected from Mumtaz. Listening to him she leaves him. Second love ends with a twist.

10:21am: Pyaar lo padadaniki Hindu Muslim enti… Mumtaz accepts his love starts the third song pyaar Mein Padipoya with interesting choreography.

10:19am: Govinda(Manoj)’s second love Mumtaz(Sakshi) a muslim girl. Meets her accidently after he saves her father.

10:08am: Chandra Mohan grandfather of Govinda(Manoj) supports his love gives 1Lakh to runaway with Vaidehi but Manoj keeps them in shares.

Updated at 10:01 AM

Shiva Shankar master makes a brief entry as a dance master..Time for the first song ‘Raye Raye Super Figure’

Updated at 09:56 AM

Satyam Rajesh comes in as Tamil Star Mallesh…

Updated at 09:52 AM

Manoj is Govindu… Movie is in flashback mode… Chandra Mohan is Manoj’s grandpa…Humour quotient is high

Updated at 09:43 AM

Humorous love track between Posani Krishna Murali and a colleague…

Updated at 09:39 AM

Posani Krishna Murali has also come into the film as Venkata Ratnam…

Updated at 09:36 AM

Manchu Manoj has come into the film in a simple way.. Sunil’s voice over for Lord Ganesha


9:34am: Movie Starts off with nice animated title effects with mass bindas song in the BGM.

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Potugadu Movie Review

Manchu Manoj, who is known for trying out something new with every film, is testing his luck with the film ‘Potugadu’. The movie is a remake of the Kannada hit ‘Govindaya Namaha’ and Pawan Wadeyar is the director. The movie has four heroines and Achu has composed the music. Let us see if Manoj can entertain with ‘Potugadu’.

Story :

Govindu (Manoj) is a young fellow who decides to commit suicide. He goes to a lonely spot and decides to have one last drink. At about the same time, Venkata Rathnam (Posani Krishna Murali) also comes to the same spot to commit suicide. The two of them sit down for a chat to find out more about their respective life stories.

Govindu has four love stories to narrate. First up is his romantic track with Vaidehi (Simran Kaur), the daughter of a rich Brahmin guy. After a brief courtship, the love story fails because Vaidehi’s father is against the alliance. Govindu moves on in life and this is where the second love story begins. He falls in love with Mumtaz (Sakshi Choudhary) and romance blossoms between them. But Govindu throws away everything in a drunken stupor, where he makes some derogatory comments about Mumtaz.

Next up is a love story with a foreign lady named Stacy (Rachel). As expected, this story also fails. The last and final love story belongs to Govindu and Mary (Anupriya). For the first time in his life, Govindu experiences true love. He fully reforms himself and leads a normal life. But fate has other ideas. A shocking truth about Mary is revealed and Govindu is heartbroken.

This is what compels him to attempt suicide. Venkat Rathnam is moved by Govindu’s story. But this is not the end. The story comes full circle when something unexpected happens towards the closing stages.

What is that? Will Govindu find true love? That forms the story of ‘Potugadu’.

Plus Points :

Manoj’s mannerisms and dialogue delivery will entertain viewers. He has imitated Mohan Babu’s diction in a few scenes. Manoj is known for coming up with good fight sequences and he has done a very good job in this movie as well.

Posani Krishna Murali is a big asset for this movie. His expressions and reactions are hilarious. The comedy scenes between Manoj and Posani have come out well. Ali and Raghu Babu are ok. Sakshi Choudhary is very good looking and she has given a decent performance. Anupriya is ok.

The first half is a big asset for the movie. The pace is excellent and the dialogues are witty. B and C center folks will enjoy the ‘double meanings’. All the songs have been shot very well. But ‘Devatha’ and ‘Pyar Mein Padipoya’ stand out for their brilliant music.

The interval block and the twist in Anupriya’s love story are nice. The short run time is also an asset.

Minus Points :

Simran does not know how to act. Her performance is very bad. Rachel irritates in the role of Stacy. Filmmakers should stop trying to create the effect of foreigners speaking in Telugu. The third love story involving Stacy has been handled in a very poor way. It is loud, cliched and badly written.

Because all four love stories are very short, you never really get enough time to connect emotionally to the proceedings.

After a brilliant first half, the pace of the film dips considerably in the second half. If not for Posani and the songs, the second half would have become quite tedious.

The climax episodes are not up to the mark. While the twist is good, the way the story is wrapped up is a little superficial.

Technical Aspects :

Cinematography is a big asset for this movie. Editing is pretty good. It is quite tough to seamlessly edit a film which is nothing more than the sum of four short stories. But the editor has managed to do a neat job. Achu’s music and background score are big assets for the film. Sreedhar Sipana’s dialogues have good entertainment value.

Pawan Wadeyar makes a decent impression as a director. He has promise.

Verdict :

‘Potugadu’ has a very entertaining and racy first half. But it is let down by a loud and cliched second half. You can safely watch the film once, for the crackling performances from Manoj and Posani as well as for some great songs.