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Singeetham Sreenivasa Rao is back with ‘Welcome Obama’ which hit the theaters today. It is an emotional drama that deals with mother’s love with surrogacy as its backdrop. It has new comers Urmila, Rachel and Sanjeev in the lead roles.

Movie: Welcome Obama
Director : Singeetham Srinivasa Rao
Producer : S.Bharati Krishna
Music Director : Singeetham Srinivasa Rao
Starring : Sanjeev, Urmila, Rachel
Release date : 20 September 2013


Welcome Obama is the story of a surrogate child, Krishna. He is born for an American couple in the womb of an Indian mother, Yashoda (Urmila). Lucy, the American mother wants a perfect boy but discard him even before he is born as Yashoda fall down creating a delivery complexity. Later she delivers a beautiful and active boy and every one calls him Obama due to his white skin. Years later, Lucy gets to know about the boy and comes to India to take him. Yashoda develops a strong bond with him and refuses to send him back. But Lucy manages to acquire him legally. What happens next is the rest of the story.


Though it is her debut, Urmila delivered an extraordinary performance as a loving and caring mother. Her minute facial expressions are absolutely perfect. Rachel is okay as a foreign lady who doesn’t care relationships. Sanjeev is decent enough in an important role. The kid who did the role of Krishna is cute. We can’t expect a foreign kid to deliver better than what he did in a Telugu film.

Technical Departments:

The movie seem to be a old wine in a new bottle idea. The film reminds us old movies with concepts like ‘Penchina Thalli, Kanna Thalli’. But the concept of surrogacy is new to Telugu audience. It is interesting to see a old man thinking ahead. Coming in to the technicalities, the story moves with very slow pace. You almost feel like you are watching a documentary. There is a little comedy track in the movie which is also not effective.

Singeetham Sreenivasa Rao has touched almost all the genres of Cinema. He has super hits, blockbusters and prominent awards in his kitty. But ‘Welcome Obama’ is not expected from a director like him.

Though basic plot of the story is fresh, the treatment is obsolete. He extracted great performances from the actors but his script has no soul. There are infinite scenes in the film with no logic. Anantha Sreeram and Bhuvana Chandra comedy episode makes you feel that Singeetham Sreenivasa Rao is still in 1990s. His comedy has become tragedy to the audience. He also composed music for this film.

All the songs are good, situational and picturized well. Length is one of the major problem due to the poor editing. 20-25 minutes of the film could have been chopped off. Dialogues, penned by actress Rohini, are weak.

Plus Points:

Soothing music
Novel concept
Feel towards the end of the movie

Minus Points:

Slow Pace
Absence of entertainment.
The comedy track between the writers seem to be of stone age old.

Final Word:
Singeetham Srinivasa Rao should have never attempted a project like this. Audience would have felt that ‘Welcome Obama’ is outdated even if it were released a decade ago. It is a case of ‘good story wasted by a bad direction and weak screenplay’. Watch it at your own risk.


Welcome Obama Movie Live Updates…


Updated at 11:35 AM

Movie is heading towards a climax… A legal battle is underway…

Updated at 11:25 AM

Time for kid’s song ‘I, I am a hero’….matallev… Matladukovatallev…

Updated at 11:14 AM

Comedy scenes which have zero humour quotient are currently on…

Updated at 11:05 AM

Lyricist Anantha Sriram has come into the film..

Updated at 11:00 AM

Very loud emotional scenes are on…

Updated at 10:45 AM

Interval… There is nothing much to say about the first half

Updated at 10:36 AM

Time for one more song ‘Buji Buji adugulatho’… Shot on the mother and her baby..

Updated at 10:32 AM

The surrogate mother is left to fend for herself.. The baby is now her responsibility..

Updated at 10:20 AM

Time for the second song ‘Oh God Oh God’…. The film has virtually no entertainment quotient….

Updated at 10:10 AM

A village lady named Yashodha has become the surrogate mother for Rachel’s off spring… Movie is revolving around this issue,,, simple village life scenes are being shown.

Updated at 09:59 AM

Time for the first song ‘Puttindhi paala kadalilo’…

Updated at 09:51 AM

The movie is about surrogacy and in vitro fertilisation

Updated at 09:40 AM

The hero and heroine are introduced.. Heroine is Rachel, a British lady..

Updated at 09:39 AM

The movie has opened to panoramic shots of the beautiful Godavari region..

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