BJP MP Soyam Bapu Rao Warns Rajamouli Yet Again


The recently released RRR teaser has given a eye treat to the movie lovers and NTR fans especially who waited with bated breath to witness their star hero doing the magic! Later a small controversy has brewed up later the teaser release. As to how NTR in the role of Bheem could wear the skull cap like that of a Muslim and thus the heirs of Komaram Bheem demanded an explanation and removal of such scenes!

It is evident that BJP Member of Parliament Soyam Bapu Rao from Adilabad warned Rajamouli that how would you change the history of our godly figure-Komaram Bheem. You will regret after heavy loss if you continue with the same posters and videos of wrong interpretation as no one knows who will burn the theaters and agitate in pure anger. The MP said the Director has to come up with explanation and change the misinterpretation!

On the latest, MP Soyam Bapu Rao yet again warned Rajamouli saying that he has tried to talk to the Director but couldn’t get in touch!even now I urge the mass director to beware of the anger Adivasi people have towards the misrepresentation and that would lead to heavy losses if the movie team dares to release the movie without change here after!